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Dec. 11th, 2008 08:46 pm
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Harley sat on the bed, a picture in one hand and an oversized lollipop in the other. She sighed, Red would be angry with her if she found out she had brought it here. But there were too many plants around and not enough smiles. Though she liked it when Pammie smiled it wasn't the same thing as his smile.

She had given up her license for that beautiful, rictus grin. It was beautiful. She giggled, half because of her thoughts and half because a hyena was licking at her toes. Her babies must be hungry. She put the photo down and slid out of bed, wearing just a pair of shorts and a bright red top with two diamonds on it.

"Babies! It's food time!" she called out, and Lou came running in to join Bud. Pammie didn't like it when she brought them here, but she couldn't go anywhere without them. The babies snapped and growled and laughed in their own way when she tossed a couple of steaks in their bowls and pat Lou absently on the head and then flopped back down on the bed, sucker in her mouth, holding the photo up above her. The green hair, that smile, those eyes.

It could make her forget anything and forgive anything. Like the bruises. The broken bones. The elevator shaft. The stairs. Throwing her at Batman. Off the balcony...

She loved him, so much it filled her up inside.

"Ah, Puddin'... I miss ya already, ya big Mamzerook..."

Muse: Harley Quinn
Fandom: DC Comics/Batman
Word Count: 252


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